Filed Pursuant to Rule 424(b)(2)
Registration No. 333-92212

(To Prospectus, dated July 22, 2002 and
Prospectus Supplement, dated August 6, 2002)

Medium-Term Notes, Series H
(Fixed Rate Notes)
Due from 1 Year to 60 Years from Date of Issue

        The following description of the terms of the Notes offered hereby supplements, and, to the extent inconsistent therewith, replaces, the descriptions included in the Prospectus and Prospectus Supplement referred to above, to which descriptions reference is hereby made.

Principal Amount:   U.S.$60,000,000    

Issue Price:


100.00% of the Principal Amount of the Notes

Original Issue Date:


May 13, 2004



Stated Maturity:


May 13, 2010



Interest Rate:


3.615% per annum



Interest Payment Dates:


May 13 and November 13 of each year, commencing November 13, 2004
(Applicable only if other than February 15 and August 15 of each year)

Regular Record Dates:


April 29 and October 29 of each year, as the case may be


(Applicable only if other than February 1 and August 1 of each year)



ý    Book-Entry


o    Certificated

Specified Currency:




(If other than U.S. dollars)





Option to Receive Payments in Specified Currency: o    Yes    o    No
(Applicable only if Specified Currency is other than U.S. dollars and if Note is not in Book Entry form)

Authorized Denominations:




(Applicable only if other than U.S.$1,000 and increments of U.S.$1,000 or if
Specified Currency is other than U.S. dollars)

Method of Payment of Principal:




(Applicable only if other than immediately available funds)

Optional Redemption:


ý    The Notes cannot be redeemed prior to Stated Maturity.



o    The Notes can be redeemed in whole at any time prior to Stated Maturity at the option of McDonald's Corporation (the "Company") as set forth below.

Optional Redemption Dates:


Not Applicable



        Redemption Prices:

Sinking Fund:   ý    The Notes are not subject to a Sinking Fund.



o    The Notes are subject to a Sinking Fund.
Sinking Fund Dates:


Sinking Fund Amounts:



Amortizing Note:


ý    Yes    o    No
Amortization Schedule:


Repayment Date
  Repayment Amount
  Outstanding Balance
Following Repayment Amount

May 13, 2005   U.S.$10,000,000   U.S.$50,000,000
May 13, 2006   U.S.$10,000,000   U.S.$40,000,000
May 13, 2007   U.S.$10,000,000   U.S.$30,000,000
May 13, 2008   U.S.$10,000,000   U.S.$20,000,000
May 13, 2009   U.S.$10,000,000   U.S.$10,000,000
May 13, 2010   U.S.$10,000,000   U.S.$0

Optional Repayment:   o    Yes   ý    No    
Optional Repayment Dates:






Optional Repayment Prices:







Original Issue Discount Note:


o    Yes


ý    No


Total Amount of OID:






Yield to Stated Maturity:






Initial Accrual Period OID:







Calculation Agent (if other than Principal Paying Agent):

Net proceeds to Company (if sale to Agent, as principal): 100.00% of the Principal Amount of the Notes

Agent's Capacity:


o    Agent


ý    Principal










CUSIP: 58013MDY7







Plan of Distribution:







  Principal Amount
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.   $ 60,000,000
Total:   $ 60,000,000

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