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Date: December 9, 2013



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Excerpts from UBS Global Media and Communications Conference

December 9, 2013

John Hodulik - UBS - Analyst

So, Lowell, 2013 was a big year for the Company, I think it will be remembered mostly for the end of the partnership with Vodafone and Verizon taking full control of Verizon Wireless. But can you highlight some of the other big milestones that the Company had this year?

Lowell McAdam - Verizon Communications Inc. - Chairman & CEO

Sure, so let me just comment quickly on Vodafone and then we can move to the broader business. Obviously that is a huge thing for us. We have been focused on that for about 10 years. So as they say, good things come to those who wait. And I think we found a win-win for Vodafone and for us. It gives them the money to sort of retool their business and it gives us what we would argue is the strong position to do whatever we need to do.

We see a huge growth spurt ahead of us in the wireless industry and in telecom in the US. And Bob did a little bit of an overview of why he is excited and UBS is excited about this whole sector of the economy. So if you look at day one we will have 10% EPS accretion. Some of you in the audience are arguing we are conservative on that, we will see. But sets us up for probably some of the things we’ll talk about in the next 45 minutes.

[. . .]

John Hodulik - UBS - Analyst

And then last thing on the wireless, obviously centerpiece is this rather large wireless transaction you have going on right now. First of all, I guess could you update us on what is the latest you said in terms of when that Verizon Wireless deal will close?

Lowell McAdam - Verizon Communications Inc. - Chairman & CEO

Yes, so I think most of you saw we got the FCC approvals last week, that is a great milestone for us, really no issues whatsoever for us from a regulatory perspective. In our filings we said we’re going to do the shareholder meeting January 28 I think is the exact date. And then from there it is a little bit in Vodafone’s court. They will have their shareholder vote which I don’t want to speak for Vittorio but I don’t think we have seen any major issues there. Then it, all in the UK, it has to circulate back through the court.

So we are a little bit at the mercy of their court approval process, but we monitor this very closely, we don’t see any hiccups. So sometime in that—we have always said first quarter, sometime in that timeframe should easily get done.

John Hodulik - UBS - Analyst

And before the Verizon Wireless deal there was a lot of speculation that Verizon could be looking into Canada as another area of growth. Is that completely off the table now? And how do you view Verizon Wireless as it relates to other international opportunities?

Lowell McAdam - Verizon Communications Inc. - Chairman & CEO

Yes. So I think that people mischaracterized a little bit and I will come back to Canada, our motivation here on Vodafone. When we looked at the Vodafone deal we compared a full merger to what we felt we could do in the US. And it was very clear in our minds that our shareholders would be better off being very focused on the US for the next several years. I didn’t ever say that we wouldn’t go international and we wouldn’t look at properties that came available to us as we go along.

Now we don’t feel a huge need, especially in Europe, to own the underlying network because the regulatory environment is such that an MVNO is really in a very strong position in Europe. So if we need to service our customers we have — we are in 150 countries around the world through our VES service, we have got cloud data centers all over the world. If we need to go in and service that segment for us we think there is lots of ways to do it.

Now that doesn’t rule out if we saw the right regulatory environment, we saw the right economic environment, we would go in and very selectively participate in those particular markets.

Canada is a great market, but given our priorities over the next couple of years, and that is: network, it is deploying things like video, machine to machine, it is paying back the bonds that we took out so we have got a lot in the next couple of years we need to pay back there. Obviously we want to maintain a strong dividend for our shareholders. If you look at those priorities for us going in and doing a major acquisition that would involve many, many countries we didn’t think was the right thing for our shareholders.


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