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                 Securities Exchange Act of 1934

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  reported:  August 1, 2003

                         AMR CORPORATION
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Item 5.   Other Events

AMR  Corporation  is  furnishing herewith  current  unit  revenue
expectations  for July, capacity estimates for the  remainder
of  2003  and  2004  and  highlights of the  recently  announced
agreement with Sabre covering American Airlines' participation in
Sabre's Direct Connect Availability program.



     Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange  Act
of  1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed
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                                        AMR CORPORATION

                                        /s/ Charles D. MarLett
                                        Charles D. MarLett
                                        Corporate Secretary

Dated:  August 1, 2003


                                        August 1, 2003

     Statements  in  this report contain various  forward-looking
statements  within the meaning of Section 27A of  the  Securities
Act  of  1933,  as  amended, and Section 21E  of  the  Securities
Exchange  Act of 1934, as amended, which represent the  Company's
expectations or beliefs concerning future events.  When  used  in
this  report, and in documents incorporated herein by  reference,
the  words  "expects",  "plans," "anticipates,"  "believes,"  and
similar  expressions  are  intended to  identify  forward-looking
statements.    Forward-looking   statements   include,    without
limitation, the Company's expectations concerning operations  and
financial  conditions, including changes in  capacity,  revenues,
and  costs,  expectations as to future financing  needs,  overall
economic   conditions  and  plans  and  objectives   for   future
operations, the impact on the Company of the events of  September
11,  2001 and of its results of operations for the past two years
and  the  sufficiency of its financial resources to  absorb  that
impact. Other forward-looking statements include statements which
do  not  relate  solely  to historical facts,  such  as,  without
limitation, statements which discuss the possible future  effects
of  current known trends or uncertainties, or which indicate that
the  future  effects of known trends or uncertainties  cannot  be
predicted, guaranteed or assured.  All forward-looking statements
in  this report are based on information available to the Company
on the date of this report.  The Company undertakes no obligation
to  publicly  update  or  revise any  forward-looking  statement,
whether  as  a  result  of  new  information,  future  events  or
otherwise.   This discussion includes forecasts of  unit  revenue
performance, capacity estimates and distribution costs,  each  of
which is a forward-looking statement.  Forward-looking statements
are  subject  to  a  number of factors that  could  cause  actual
results   to  differ  materially  from  our  expectations.    The
following  factors,  in addition to other  possible  factors  not
listed,  could  cause  the  Company's actual  results  to  differ
materially  from  those expressed in forward-looking  statements:
the  uncertain  financial  and business environment  the  Company
faces,   the  struggling  economy,  high  fuel  prices  and   the
availability  of fuel, the residual effects of the war  in  Iraq,
conflicts  in the Middle East, the residual effects of  the  SARS
outbreak,   historically   low  fare  levels,   the   competitive
environment,   uncertainties  with  respect  to   the   Company's
international  operations,  changes  in  its  business  strategy,
actions  by  U.S.  or foreign government agencies,  the  possible
occurrence of additional terrorist attacks, the inability of  the
Company  to  satisfy  existing liquidity  requirements  or  other
covenants   in   certain  of  its  credit  agreements   and   the
availability   of   future  financing.   Additional   information
concerning these and other factors is contained in the  Company's
Securities  and  Exchange Commission Filings, including  but  not
limited  to  the Company's Form 10-K for the year ended  December
31,  2002, and its Reports on 10-Q for the quarters ending  March
31, 2003 and June 30, 2003.


In addition to our regular Traffic Release, published today, we
continue the recent trend of updating you periodically on the
rapidly evolving results of our restructuring.  Included in this
Eagle Eye are:  July's unit revenue estimate, forward looking
capacity numbers and highlights of the Company's announcement
yesterday to join Sabre Direct Connect Access Three Year Option

For more information on July's performance, please refer to
American's July Traffic Release available at www.amrcorp.com.
For July, American achieved a record high July load factor of
81.0%.  All entities reported positive year over year
improvements, with the exception of Europe, which experienced a
capacity increase due to the reconfiguration of the 767-300
Please call if you have questions.

                                    Kathy Bonanno
                                    Director Investor Relations


       Unit Revenue Estimate

          For July, American's Mainline Passenger Revenue per ASM is expected
          to have improved 9%-11% year over year.
           (calculated using AA mainline jet operations ASMs, excluding
            regional carriers)

       Capacity Forecast

                                              Aug    Sep   3Q03   4Q03   2004
           AA Mainline Ops:
                  Capacity yr/yr H/(L)      (5.8%) (5.3%) (6.0%) (1.8%)  4.5%

           Regional Affiliate:
                  Capacity yr/yr H/(L)      21.0%  19.6%  20.3%  15.0%  17.5%

       Sabre Direct Connect Availability (DCA) Highlights

           American Airlines has agreed to participate in Sabre's Direct
           Connect Availability program, which is expected to provide
           American with a 12.5% reduction in booking fees versus 2003
           levels for the next three years.

           Over 50% of American's GDS bookings are currently made through
           a Sabre GDS.

           Through the DCA Three-Year Option, airlines agree to provide all
           published fares to all Sabre subscribers, including Sabre Connected
           online and offline travel agencies. This includes published fares
           sold through third-party Web sites and through their own Web site and
           reservations offices.

           The EveryFare program will continue, and remains an attractive option
           for those travel agencies with a majority of their bookings on
           non-Sabre GDSs.