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AMR  Corporation  (the  Company) is  furnishing  herewith  a  press
release  issued  on April 21, 2004 by the Company as  Exhibit  99.1
which  is included herein.  This press release was issued to report
the Company's first quarter 2004 results.


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99.1      Press Release

                                                       Exhibit 99.1

                              CONTACT: Al Becker
                                       Corporate Communications
                                       Fort Worth, Texas

FOR RELEASE: Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Editor's Note:  A live Webcast reporting first quarter results will
be broadcast on the Internet on April 21 at 2 p.m. EDT.  (Windows
Media Player required for viewing.)


   AMR's First Quarter Net Loss of $166 Million Is Dramatically
       Better Than Its First Quarter Performance A Year Ago

   AMR Posts Its Third Consecutive Quarter of Positive Operating
                Income, Excluding Special Items --
 Achieves Net Income in March of $30 Million, Despite Rising Fuel

                 AMR Ends First Quarter With Total
         Cash And Short-Term Investments of $3.7 Billion,
           Including Restricted Balance of $501 Million

     FORT WORTH, Texas --  AMR Corporation, the parent company of
American Airlines, Inc., today reported a net loss of $166 million
for the first quarter, or $1.03 per share.  This is a marked
improvement over last year's first quarter, when AMR had a net loss
of $1.04 billion, or $6.68 per share.
     Continuing the financial momentum it established last year,
and once again making tremendous progress in driving down costs,
AMR posted its third straight quarter of positive operating income,
excluding special items.  AMR achieved these results despite a very
significant increase in fuel prices, which increased its fuel
expense $55 million from a year ago for the quarter.
                             - more -

      "We are never satisfied to be reporting net losses, but we
are nonetheless pleased with how far we have come over the past 12
months," said Gerard Arpey, AMR's President and CEO.  "It is also
worth noting that the first quarter is seasonally a difficult
quarter -- and that difficulty has been compounded this year by
extremely high fuel prices.  The fact that despite these challenges
we had operating income in the quarter, generated solid net income
in March and continued to produce positive cash flows is
     The company's progress, Arpey said, "is a tribute to our
employees and a testament to the power of the changes we are
making.  We're maintaining great momentum under the Turnaround
Plan," he said, "but we recognize we still have a lot of work to do
in order to achieve sustained profitability at acceptable levels."
     Year-over-year mainline unit costs in the first quarter
dropped more than 16 percent, Arpey said.  This followed two
previous quarters of equally impressive cost results.  "Our success
in removing costs from the operation has paved the way for our
improved results and has given us the ability to stand and fight
rather than retreat and shrink," he said.  "Without the negative
impact of rising fuel prices, our progress would have been even
more dramatic, with a year-over-year decline in mainline unit costs
(holding fuel prices at first quarter 2003 levels) of more than 17
     Arpey noted that during the first quarter, AMR continued to
make significant progress under its four-point Turnaround Plan.
These were among the more notable achievements:
     o  In January, American held "Customer Strategy" sessions with
employees to develop ways of better serving the airline's
customers.  Work teams, which also include front-line employees,
are reviewing, analyzing and implementing ideas from these
                             - more -
     o AMR was able once again to access the capital markets with
two financing deals during the quarter, raising $499 million.
     o  American completed the addition of seats to its 757 and
A300 fleets, allowing it to make more seats available in leisure
markets where customer demand is particularly high.
     o  Service also was enhanced by the shift of capacity to
international markets, including the start of Los Angeles-Tokyo
service, American's fifth route to Japan.
     o  Expanding on the efficiencies created by the restructuring
of the DFW, Chicago and St. Louis hubs, American solidified plans
during the quarter for the depeaking of the Miami hub on May 1.
     o  At London Gatwick, American is consolidating its operations
with British Airways, thus reducing costs and also letting American
provide better connecting opportunities and an overall better
travel experience for its customers.
     o  Year to date, American has contributed $319 million to its
defined pension plans, including using its strengthened cash
position to make an early contribution of $147 million.
     o  American, based on improvements in customer service
performance as measured by Survey America, is making the first
payout to the airline's employees under the company's new Annual
Incentive Plan -- the third piece of a success-sharing package for
employees that also includes a Broad Based Employee Stock Plan and
Profit Sharing.

Editor's Note:  AMR's president and chief executive officer, Gerard
Arpey, and its chief financial officer, James Beer, will make a
presentation to analysts during a teleconference on Wednesday,
April 21, from 2 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. EDT.  Following the analyst
call, they will hold a question-and-answer conference call for
media from 3 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. EDT.  Reporters interested in
listening to the presentation or participating in the media Q&A
should call 817-967-1577 for details.

                             - more -
Statements  in  this  news release contain various  forward-looking
statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities  Act
of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act
of  1934, as amended, which represent the Company's expectations or
beliefs  concerning future events.  When used in this news release,
the   words  "expects,"  "plans,"  "anticipates,"  "believes,"  and
similar   expressions  are  intended  to  identify  forward-looking
statements. Forward-looking statements include, without limitation,
the  Company's  expectations concerning  operations  and  financial
conditions,  including changes in capacity,  revenues,  and  costs,
future  financing  needs, overall economic  conditions,  plans  and
objectives for future operations, and the impact on the Company  of
its  results  of  operations  for the  past  three  years  and  the
sufficiency of its financial resources to absorb that impact. Other
forward-looking statements include statements which do  not  relate
solely to historical facts, such as, without limitation, statements
which  discuss the possible future effects of current known  trends
or  uncertainties,  or which indicate that the  future  effects  of
known  trends  or uncertainties cannot be predicted, guaranteed  or
assured.  All forward-looking statements in this release are  based
upon  information  available to the Company on  the  date  of  this
release.   The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly  update
or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new
information,   future   events,  or   otherwise.    Forward-looking
statements are subject to a number of risk factors that could cause
actual  results  to  differ materially from our  expectations.  The
following  factors,  in  addition to  other  possible  factors  not
listed,  could  cause  the  Company's  actual  results  to   differ
materially  from  those  expressed in  forward-looking  statements:
changes  in  economic,  business  and  financial  conditions;   the
Company's  substantial  indebtedness;  high  fuel  prices  and  the
availability  of  fuel; the residual effects of the  war  in  Iraq;
conflicts  in the Middle East or elsewhere; the highly  competitive
business   environment  faced  by  the  Company,  with   increasing
competition  from  low  cost  carriers and  historically  low  fare
levels;  the  ability of the Company to implement its restructuring
program  and  the effect of the program on operational  performance
and  service  levels; uncertainties with respect to  the  Company's
international   operations;  changes  in  the  Company's   business
strategy;  actions  by  U.S. or foreign  government  agencies;  the
possible  occurrence  of  additional  terrorist  attacks;   another
outbreak  of a disease (such as SARS) that affects travel behavior;
uncertainties  with  respect to the Company's   relationships  with
unionized  and  other employee work groups; the  inability  of  the
Company to satisfy existing financial or other covenants in certain
of its credit agreements; the availability of future financing; and
increased  insurance  costs and potential reductions  of  available
insurance  coverage.  Additional information concerning  these  and
other factors is contained in the Company's Securities and Exchange
Commission filings, including but not limited to the Form 10-K  for
the year ended Dec. 31, 2003.

Detailed financial information follows:

                             - more -

                          AMR CORPORATION
              (in millions, except per share amounts)

                              Three Months Ended March 31,   Percent
                                  2004          2003          Change
Passenger - American Airlines    $3,678        $3,394           8.4
          - Regional Affiliates     420           326          28.8
Cargo                               148           134          10.4
Other revenues                      266           266            -
  Total operating revenues        4,512         4,120           9.5

  Wages, salaries and benefits    1,640         2,098         (21.8)
  Aircraft fuel                     808           729          10.8
  Depreciation and amortization     326           338          (3.6)
  Other rentals and landing fees    305           291           4.8
  Commissions, booking fees
   and credit card expense          288           255          12.9
  Maintenance, materials
   and repairs                      231           231            -
  Aircraft rentals                  153           190         (19.5)
  Food service                      137           149          (8.1)
  Other operating expenses          582           683         (14.8)
  Special charges                     -            25            *
    Total operating expenses      4,470         4,989         (10.4)

Operating Income (Loss)              42          (869)           *

Other Income (Expense)
  Interest income                    14            13           7.7
  Interest expense                 (212)         (192)         10.4
  Interest capitalized               18            19          (5.3)
  Miscellaneous - net               (28)          (14)           *
                                   (208)         (174)         19.5

Loss Before Income Taxes           (166)       (1,043)        (84.1)
Income tax                           -             -             -
Net Loss                          $(166)      $(1,043)        (84.1)

Basic and Diluted Loss Per Share  $(1.03)     $ (6.68)

Number of Shares Used in
  Basic and Diluted                 160           156

*     Greater than 100%

Note: Certain amounts have been reclassified to conform with the 2004

                          AMR CORPORATION
                       OPERATING STATISTICS

                                        Three Months Ended
                                             March 31,         Percent
                                         2004        2003      Change
American Airlines, Inc. Mainline Jet
    Revenue passenger miles (millions)    30,290       27,838          8.8
    Available seat miles (millions)       42,597       40,274          5.8
    Cargo ton miles (millions)               521          490          6.3
    Passenger load factor                   71.1%        69.1%         2.0 pts.
    Passenger revenue yield per
     passenger mile (cents)                12.14        12.19         (0.4)
    Passenger revenue per available
     seat mile (cents)                      8.64         8.43          2.5
    Cargo  revenue yield per ton
     mile (cents)                          28.47        27.38          4.0
    Operating expenses per available seat
     mile, excluding Regional
     Affiliates (cents) (1)                 9.49        11.39        (16.7)
    Fuel consumption (gallons,
     in millions)                            741          725          2.2
    Fuel price per gallon (cents)          101.0         94.0          7.4

Regional Affiliates
    Revenue passenger miles (millions)     1,539       1,165          32.1
    Available seat miles (millions)        2,453       1,987          23.5
    Passenger load factor                   62.7%       58.6%          4.1 pts.

AMR Corporation
  Average Equivalent Number of Employees
    American Airlines                     79,900       92,200
    Other                                 12,100       11,800
         Total                            92,000      104,000

(1)  Excludes $487 million and $423 million of expense incurred
     related to Regional Affiliates in 2004 and 2003, respectively.

                          AMR CORPORATION

American Airlines, Inc. Mainline
Jet Operations                               Three Months Ended March 31,
(in millions, except as noted)                     2004         2003
Total operating expenses  as reported              $4,528       $5,011
Less: Operating expenses incurred
      related to Regional Affiliates                  487          423
Operating expenses excluding expenses
 incurred related to Regional Affiliates           $4,041       $4,588
American mainline jet operations
 available seat miles                              42,597       40,274
Operating expenses per available seat
 mile, excluding Regional Affiliates (cents)         9.49        11.39

Operating expenses excluding expenses
 incurred related to Regional Affiliates           $4,041       $4,588
Less: Aircraft fuel price variance *                   52           -
Operating expenses, excluding
 aircraft fuel price variance and
 expenses incurred related to Regional Affiliates  $3,989       $4,588
American  mainline jet  operations
 available seat miles                              42,597       40,274
Operating expenses per available seat
 mile, excluding aircraft fuel price
 variance and Regional Affiliates (cents)            9.36        11.39

Percent change                                       17.8

* Change in price times current year consumption (7.0 cents x 741 million gallons)

Note:  The company believes that operating expenses per available
       seat mile, excluding fuel price variance, assists investors
       in understanding the impact of changes in fuel prices on the
       company's operations.


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