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What Are Metaverses, The Future Of Technology And The Real Benefits Of This Direction

While the entire crypto world is looking at the fall of the markets and waiting, some are actively investing in areas that are considered particularly risky today. But where there is a risk, there are opportunities.


One of the promising areas in the world of blockchain technologies and IT is the MetaVerse idea.

Most of all, the metaverse and its future are talked about in Silicon Valley. It is believed that this is one of the technologies that will actively develop in the 20- 30s and lead to a new technological revolution, so you definitely need metaverse technology consulting. Next to the Metaverse are technologies such as:

  • Blockchain and decentralized systems (cryptocurrencies, DApps, digitalization of assets, smart contracts – there too)
  • Artificial Intelligence (VR, AR, Machine Learning)
  • Biomedicine and biohacking (organ production, chains)

What Is the Metaverse and Why Is It the Future?

The Metaverse is a universe that exists outside of the real world. In fact, everything that is part of our conventions can be considered the MetaUniverse. Social media, work platforms, internet…

The purpose of the universe is a super-reality that functions parallel to the real world. Everything that is unrealistic for our everyday life can happen here, violating even the laws of physics

Why Is This Needed?

Parallel reality is an effective tool that can already be used by people around the world for things like:

  • Work and study

This became especially true during the pandemic when many were forced to switch to online learning, work remotely and refuse personal meetings.

The Metaverse can replace the real space for us – virtual classrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms. Along with this, all – virtual versions of workers and students (a sort of 3D model of us).

  • Medicine

Telemedicine in Ukrainian pre-war realities was a call to a doctor with a webcam. But with the MetaUniverse (hereinafter we will use the abbreviation MV), we can move to a new level with you. In particular, reproduce your 3D model, and undergo an examination without leaving your own room.

  • Online shopping

There was a time when you and I dreamed about the possibility of online shopping. Now it’s all become commonplace. In particular, we can even order clothes that we try on at the post office. The problem of “wrong size” actually disappeared. But with MB we can go even further – now you can see how brand-new boots, suits or jackets will look on you without even waiting for delivery. It is just as easy to plan and, for example, repairs in your apartment – just like in the popular computer saga of the Sims games.

  • Computer games

MV is a real breakthrough for the gaming industry. And partly we can assume that this breakthrough was made possible only thanks to gamers. Shoot in augmented reality? Wander through caves, fly, visit distant lands, or even travel through time? In MW, all this becomes possible.

But the real strength of MV is not in games, but in how effectively this technology can be used to solve pressing problems in real life. This “superstructure” over reality washes away the boundaries between people of different religions, nationalities, and countries. With MW we become closer to each other, and we can interact and cooperate more effectively.

Perspectives of the Metaverse

MV ideas have been around for a long time. The term itself appears in the novel Snowfall.

Also, MV elements are present in many games – Minecraft, GTA, Roblox, and MMORPG games. These are all virtual universes in which we could already “test” the possibilities of MV. But the real talk about the MV and the revolution of superreality began at the end of 2021. Then the Facebook corporation announced its intention to work on this direction and its renaming to the META platform.

The company’s shares soared, and investors expected a breakthrough, in particular, the release of working products from the MB, a change in their position towards cryptocurrencies, and perhaps even the release of their own cryptocurrency, which everyone has been talking about for a long time – the so-called Libra project. Unfortunately, things have not yet gone further than intentions. Meta reports on loss-making quarters and the crypto market is going through hard times – DeFi and NFT segments are falling.

Is crypto important for MV or can this concept effectively exist without cryptocurrencies?

The main question facing enthusiasts is whether the Metaverse can exist outside the crypto world.

Answer: yes, but…

  • It is in combination with blockchain and decentralization that MVs acquire special value. Unleashes the potential of immutable databases that will be stable against any external influences.

A simple explanation: if there are no laws of physics in the Metaverse, then what laws can we follow in this parallel reality? We will definitely need rules, regulations, and restrictions to protect the rights of everyone.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of laws they are. Another thing is important – their clarity and real implementation, strict execution.

We already know that the blockchain is a system that cannot be broken, smart contracts are clearly defined contracts that cannot be deceived. Everything works as intended. The MetaUniverse must also work as intended. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the optimal solutions to this problem

  • Blockchain can exist without cryptocurrencies. But digital assets are not so much a currency as a volume of information. Blockchain, in turn, is a database. Whatever we call our database and a piece of information from it, this system will work best when it is clear and transparent.

It is transparency that makes blockchain so attractive. Cryptocurrencies are one of the many ways to use the blockchain. Also, MW is one of the many ways to use the blockchain. These technologies are closely related. Yes, we can break this connection, but only together all this acquires special value.

The prospects of the MetaUniverse are a complete transformation of relations between people, and an economic breakthrough. But in the future. In the meantime, this is an incomprehensible concept that is difficult to believe and impossible to comprehend.

But humanity has already gone through this. And not so long ago. In particular, MV is a concept that can turn the whole world upside down. Of course, if this concept is successful.


At the beginning of the last century, a car was a luxury. And technologically, traveling by car was difficult, the infrastructure was not prepared – gas stations were not at every turn, as they are now. But time is a revolution. And revolution is an opportunity for technology to captivate the world.

Today, many families have at least one car, and sometimes two or more. And even 100 years ago, in traffic jams, there were several horse-drawn carts for one car.

100 years is a long period of time and it is not easy to comprehend it. Let’s look at something closer.

PC Market

Personal computers are another survivor and have proven that a new reality can be built around them. The one that is familiar to us, but for our grandparents was something fantastic, incomprehensible. Moreover, this concept was “stupid” for such giant corporations as IBM. They laughed at the desire of some garage enthusiasts who aspired to build a new world with a personal computer in every household. We know how it ended.

The PC is not an elite business machine, but a popular device on which we can watch videos, listen to music, work, communicate, study… 50 years ago it was something exotic.


Another example is the Internet. A technology that was supposed to ensure the reliable transmission of information in the event of war. But today it is something that unites people around the world. A huge database, applications, and programs have already become a real ecosystem. In fact, the Internet is the same Metaverse. Did anyone believe in this technology 25-30 years ago? Yes. But it was considered something distant and unreal, divorced from reality.

And if the Internet is a technology that entered our lives more than 10-15 years ago, then I can consider the example of smartphones and mobile traffic to be the most successful.

Mobile Traffic

In 2011, I read a report from an analytics company (I don’t remember its name anymore). But this report is actively dispersed on the network. The main conclusion from the report is “In the next ten years, mobile traffic will be the main one, overtaking the desktop. People will use their phones to communicate over the internet, and computers will take a backseat.

I was reading this report from my 2g mobile phone using the Opera Mini browser. And it shocked me. Mobile traffic, mobile phone? It was very awkward and inefficient. Internet speed, system speed… How can a mobile device compare to a PC?

Five years have passed and everything fell into place. Mobile devices have become faster than they used to be, and the Internet connection is stable. According to Ericsson, mobile traffic has grown 300 times in 10 years.

All these revolutions were made possible by investment multiplied by time. Infrastructure, advertising, user acquisition, feedback, iterations… And today we have self-driving cars, PCs that can fulfill many of our requests at the same time, fast Internet even in the most remote corners of the country, and mobile phones that have actually become PDAs for us.

Whether there will be the same breakthrough in MV is hard to say. But this is a technology in which billions of dollars are being invested today. And it all makes a lot of sense. The world, corporations, enthusiasts… Many people believe in the MetaUniverse and want to make money on it. Including you and me!

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