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From Plastic to Precious Metals: How SMX (NASDAQ: SMX) is Redefining Sustainability across Multiple Industries

Security Matters (NASDAQ: SMX), a game-changing NASDAQ-listed company, is at the vanguard of revolutionizing supply chain management with its groundbreaking technology, radically enhancing traceability and transparency across multiple industries. Originating from the Israeli government, this transformative solution leaves a virtual memory on materials, tracking their origin and recording the data on the blockchain. The profound impact of this technology extends beyond mere efficiency, fostering business growth, profitability, and sustainability.

SMX’s innovation is remarkable in its comprehensive approach to the material lifecycle. It persistently marks each stage of the journey, from the virgin raw material to the end-of-life recycling phase. This unique methodology significantly reduces dependence on sourcing materials from subcontractors outside the United States, promotes the utilization of waste materials, and provides an unprecedented toolbox for companies aspiring to contribute to a healthier economy. Moreover, the technology also empowers stakeholders and brands with the ability to add unique molecular sequences at each stage, providing an extra layer of customizable data that can be read and extracted at any stage with a single reader. Furthermore, SMX’s technology is backed by 100 patents of various stages across many different materials.

Blockchain technology plays a vital role in SMX’s strategy, ensuring full traceability and transparency. This approach potentially holds immense significance, paving the way towards a future where supply chain management is seamless, secure, and sustainable.

The technology developed by Security Matters is particularly transformative for certain industries, notably plastic, fashion and gold & silver. 

Plastics Industry

SMX’s tracing and tracking technology is a game-changer for the plastics industry due to its potential to revolutionize waste management and recycling processes. By using a patented technology that employs an indelible chemical-based biomarker to “mark” any object—solid, liquid, or gas—SMX’s system offers an unprecedented level of tracking and tracing throughout the lifecycle of plastic products. This facilitates the accurate identification of the type of plastic, the manufacturer, the percentage of recycled content, and even the number of times it has been recycled. Consequently, this paves the way for more effective sorting and recycling, reducing waste, increasing recycling rates, and bolstering environmental sustainability while enhancing industry efficiency​.

A key component of SMX’s system is the revolutionary conveyor belt detector, which provides reliable data readings at every stage of the supply chain. This enables seamless transfer of ownership of materials and products, recording of essential data, and attachment of critical documents, offering unparalleled transparency. It also allows for the creation of a digital twin of the product, illuminating every stage of its value chain. This improved transparency and traceability can drastically enhance the sorting capabilities of recycling and waste management facilities, leading to increased percentages of effectively recycled plastic and promoting a circular and closed-loop economy that mitigates plastic waste and its associated environmental impact​.

Moreover, SMX’s system has the potential to unlock the ability to reclaim and reuse all types of plastic content, thus bridging the gap for plastic circularity. It can be customized to individual requirements, such as detecting specific “marked” polymers among other waste, making it a versatile solution well-suited to revolutionize plastic waste management and recycling. In addition, this technology is applicable across a broad range of industries including automotive, electronics, fashion, and food, indicating its potential for widespread impact. As global concerns about plastic waste and sustainability persist, SMX’s innovative track and trace technology offers a promising solution to increase recycling efficiency and foster a circular and closed-loop economy in the plastics industry​​.

Fashion Industry

SMX’s cutting-edge tracing and tracking technology is poised to revolutionize the fashion industry, making it an essential asset for a sustainable future. The technology enables secure revenue flow and transactions and facilitates reusing, recycling, buying, and selling with value chain participants, ensuring seamless distribution of goods​. SMX’s unique solution for marking natural and synthetic fibers allows clients to invisibly mark, trace, and store data on raw materials, securely monitoring items in real time, from their origin to customer purchase and recycling. This innovative approach enables brands to sort, reclaim, reuse, recycle, and upcycle the raw materials in the unwanted product at the end of life. 

Furthermore, SMX’s equilibrium economy prompts sustainable supply chain management and significantly lowers the carbon footprint, positioning the company as a technology leader in the fashion industry. This technology not only enables companies to work more innovatively and optimize their value chains but also empowers them to align their operations with evolving and complex carbon neutrality-focused industry standards and government regulations. By doing so, SMX’s technology aids in driving a more sustainable future for the fashion industry, promoting a circular and closed-loop economy that mitigates waste and its associated environmental impact​.

Gold & Silver Industries

The company is also making strides in the gold & silver industry, with its latest venture, trueSilver. Furthermore, the company maintains a 44% ownership in trueGold, which is focused on the authentication, tracking and tracing of gold for the industry. 

The trueSilver subsidiary employs SMX’s technology to invisibly mark silver with a durable marker. This ingenious method creates a complete and transparent memory of the silver’s journey from mine to marketplace and finally to recycling and reuse. The result is an ethical silver supply chain that assures irrefutable proof of the origination of silver, thereby facilitating credible ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting in real time.


In conclusion, Security Matters’ (SMX) revolutionary technology is making a profound and disruptive impact across multiple sectors, most notably plastics, fashion, and gold & silver, by significantly enhancing traceability, transparency, and sustainability in supply chain management. Emerging from the Israeli government, the company has developed a comprehensive and powerful solution that effectively marks each stage of a material’s life cycle, offering an unparalleled level of customization in data collection, reducing dependence on foreign materials, and promoting effective recycling. 

By integrating blockchain technology, SMX ensures full traceability and transparency, marking a future of more secure and sustainable supply chain management. In the plastics industry, this innovation is a key catalyst in managing waste more efficiently and augmenting recycling rates. Meanwhile, in the fashion sector, SMX’s technology is driving sustainability and meeting complex industry standards, all while promoting a circular economy. Lastly, in the gold & silver industry, the company’s venture, trueSilver, employs this transformative technology to create an ethical supply chain. Thus, SMX is paving the way toward a future in which businesses grow, profit, and sustain themselves in a world increasingly conscious of its environmental responsibilities.

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