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The Path to Full Transparency in Silver Production: The Launch of trueSilver by SMX (NASDAQ: SMX)

Navigating the glittering labyrinth of the global silver market is no easy task. Beyond the glistening façade lie significant concerns relating to data reliability, counterfeit products, market manipulation, and the imbalance between paper and physical silver. These issues not only distort the market’s clear reflection but can also pose real financial risks to investors and traders. In an era where trust is as valuable as the precious metal itself, understanding the veiled challenges of transparency and authenticity becomes paramount.

This article illuminates the intricate maze, shedding light on these concerns, their implications, and how one company, SMX (NASDAQ: SMX) is taking the critical steps needed to ensure a more transparent and genuine global silver market.

Authenticity, Traceability, and Transparency Issues Currently Plaguing the Global Silver Market

There are several key issues related to the transparency and authenticity of the global silver market. One of the main concerns is the reliability of data regarding silver production, supply, and demand. Since silver is often mined as a byproduct of other metals like gold, copper, and zinc, accurate tracking of silver production can be challenging. Furthermore, the lack of standardized reporting practices among mining companies and nations adds another layer of complexity. This lack of reliable data makes it difficult to gauge the true state of the global silver market, which can lead to price volatility and speculation.

Another issue is the authenticity of silver itself. The rise of counterfeit silver products, especially bars, and coins, has become a significant problem in recent years. These fake products are often so well-made that they can fool even experienced investors and collectors. The issue of counterfeit silver not only undermines the trust in the physical silver market but also poses financial risks to unsuspecting buyers.

The lack of transparency in the over-the-counter (OTC) commodity markets is another significant concern. Unlike exchanges that have clear rules and oversight, OTC commodity markets are less regulated, making it difficult to monitor trades and transactions. This lack of oversight can lead to manipulation, which has been a long-standing concern in the silver market. Cases of market manipulation can distort prices, making it difficult for investors and traders to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, there’s a concern over the discrepancy between paper silver and physical silver. Many investors trade in silver futures contracts, which represent a promise to deliver silver in the future. However, the amount of these contracts often far exceeds the actual physical silver available for delivery. This disparity can lead to a lack of confidence in the paper silver market, as investors question whether the contracts can indeed be fulfilled if a large number of holders demand delivery at the same time.

Addressing these issues will require concerted efforts from regulatory bodies, industry participants, and investors. Standardized reporting practices, rigorous authenticity checks, increased oversight of OTC commodity markets, and better alignment between paper and physical silver are some of the measures that can enhance the transparency and authenticity of the global silver market.

SMX Launches New Platform, trueSilver, to Combat Silver Traceability Issues

Security Matters (SMX) plc is at the forefront of establishing a new paradigm in the silver industry with the creation of a unique technology platform named trueSilver. This initiative is in response to a growing global demand for enhanced traceability and transparency in the sourcing and recycling of silver, a precious metal integral to numerous industries, from electronics to jewelry.

Following the successful filing of patents related to gold, aluminum, steel, and cobalt in 2023, SMX is now focusing on silver. The decision comes because silver is seldom found in its pure form, with at least 80% of global silver production emerging as a by-product of mining for other metals, such as gold, copper, lead, and zinc.

SMX’s decision to create trueSilver reflects an understanding of the ever-increasing demand for silver. In the “World Silver Survey 2022” released by Metals Focus and The Silver Institute, the total silver supply, which includes mine production, recycling, net hedging supply, and net official sector sales, was projected to reach 1,030.0 million ounces in 2022, an increase from 997.2 million ounces in 2021. Correspondingly, the total demand for silver was estimated to rise to 1,101.8 million ounces in 2022, up from 1,049.0 million ounces in 2021.

Innovatively, trueSilver technology ‘marks’ silver invisibly with a durable marker, allowing for a comprehensive, transparent record of the metal’s journey from mine to market, and subsequently to recycle and reuse. This breakthrough approach ensures an ethical silver supply chain, providing an irrefutable mechanism for authenticating the origination of silver and enabling credible Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting in real-time.

SMX’s collaboration with Sunshine Minting Inc., is a testament to the industry’s readiness for embracing change. An exclusive agreement for 120 days has been reached to create a path to full transparency and traceability for silver products and establish an industry standard. This move demonstrates a proactive response to the increasing demand for transparency and ethically sourced materials and a desire to meet ESG compliance requirements.

Sunshine Minting Inc., expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “As we see the demand for transparency in the pursuit of ethically sourced materials escalating, along with the requirements for ESG compliance, we are very excited to work with the team at SMX to help develop trueSilver as an industry-wide solution.”

Echoing this sentiment, SMX emphasized its optimism about the partnership, declaring: “We are extremely honored and looking forward to the new relationship with Sunshine Minting. With this cooperation, we look forward to trueSilver becoming the leading player in the silver industry on ESG IMPACT and setting new standards, including proving recycled silver content.”

Overall, SMX’s trueSilver initiative is a powerful tool in the fight for better traceability and transparency in the silver industry. By adopting innovative technologies and collaborating with leading players in the field, SMX is paving the way for sustainable silver production, consumption, and recycling, aligning with broader efforts to build a more sustainable world.


In conclusion, the silver industry faces pressing issues related to data reliability, authenticity, transparency, and the alignment of paper and physical silver. These challenges, complex and interconnected, require comprehensive and innovative solutions to ensure a safer, more trustworthy global silver market.

SMX, through the launch of its trueSilver platform, has established itself as a game-changer in the field. The platform’s groundbreaking technology that ‘marks’ silver, coupled with its exclusive partnership with Sunshine Minting, embodies a concerted effort to tackle these problems head-on, elevating industry standards. By prioritizing ethical sourcing, traceability, and ESG compliance, trueSilver not only safeguards investor interests but also paves the way for more sustainable practices in silver production, consumption, and recycling, aligning with the broader global aspiration of building a more sustainable future. The launch of trueSilver by SMX is a promising stride towards full transparency in silver production, one that has potential ripple effects across industries and markets.

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